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Hello everyone!

We’re back! We know we’ve been gone for a long time and we’re sorry :/ my computer broke and we’ve both been really busy! But we’re back. Since my computer broke..we won’t be able to post our normal perks and probs since the program I used isn’t available to us right now. But we’re trying to figure something out! We’ll be answering asks for the next few days, and we hope you guys are still with us and still care! Because we do! Please let us know how you’re all doing :) we love you guys and again we’re really sorry we’ve been gone so long!


We’re here for you if you ever need us! Please don’t hesitate! This is the sign you’ve been looking for, this is your sign that it WILL get better.

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Anonymous: I just want to say thank you so much for making this blog, it really means so much to know that we aren't alone.

You’re welcome! We like helping other people get through what we did. We want you all to know that it is possible to get through the distance! It IS possible to beat the distance! Don’t give up, we believe in you!

Anonymous: Hey.. well, we kinda are close (emotionally) to each other (3 years) and love each other, but I dunno, we arent really the talkative type when it comes to problems. Both of us prefer to keep to ourselves, but this really spoils the relationship. I think that every couple MUST have at least one person that will talk, and try to make the other person talk, too, and well, have some drama moments. We both aren't good with emotions, as our convos are full of jokes etc. I feel a emotional distance....


I think the thing to do would be talk about it. Just bring it up to him, even though you say your convos are full of jokes, bringing up a serious thing for the first time is important! Especially since it’s a big thing in your relationship. You’re right, every relationship has it’s bad times and it’s drama…if it doesn’t, then the couple isn’t being true. If you know what I mean? Tell him that you feel distant from him because you only joke around and  it’s never serious. Because that is an important part of a relationship! Talk to him about it, and then let us know what happens! :) We hope this helped, stay strong!

Anonymous: We both don't speak the same language, so we talk in english - his is perfectly fluent, really, while mine is really good while typing, but I don't feel that comfortable to talk freely in the mic. I just avoid it (skyping) as much as I can, but I actually like it - makes me feel close to him - but I still feel nervous, even after one year. I'm more into the typing stuff, texting etc. How can I overcome this anxiety? I feel so bad for not skyping as much as a LDR needs, I mean. It's so important.


We can understand this completely! You should tell him why you’re nervous to Skype with him :) i’m sure he’ll understand! If you don’t want to talk, you can stay on mute on Skype and type! Even though you don’t like talking on mic one day you will want to, and you’ll see that it isn’t as terrifying as you think it is! The more you talk on mic, the more fluent and comfortable you’ll be with speaking English! It will also strengthen your relationship a lot because you’ll be able to talk more and Skype more often :) Just talk to him about it, and maybe one day you’ll talk and everything will be okay! :) We hope this helped!

Anonymous: Thank you, really. I swear to you both sweeties I am so-so nervous, hahaha but normal, right? I'm so anxious, sometimes it's a ~good~ anxiety but sometimes I'm just like OHMYGODEVERYTHINGISGOINGWRONG. But youve calmed me down - we've gone through so, so much hard stuff, being young as we are, and after 2 years we are still together, and meeting soon! He wouldnt just give up on me because he doesnt like how I look, I mean. I don't know. I think I'm just freaking out, like I always do. x <3

Hello again :)

We’re really glad we helped you out! That’s what we’re here for! Of course it’s normal to be nervous :) But once you meet him, it will all go away and you’ll wonder what you were freaking out about the whole time :p Just try to stay calm and watch the days go by before you meet him! We’re really excited for you guys to meet! Let us know how it goes :)  

imageimageTop: (me)

Bottom: (she)

We met online at a kpop girl group forum (Brown Eyed Girls) for those of you who knows kpop haha

We talked on the first day she joined, and because I was the admin of the site, I gave new members an extra warm welcome. From our talk, we found out that we ship the same pairing in the group and we began to have our crazy fanfiction ideas and stuff. We lost contact for a few months because we all drifted into our own busy lives, but last year march, we talked again. I began teasing her about having a crush and finally on the 28th, she admitted that she has a crush on me ;D (Well I did too when we first talked and webcam, because of her chipped tooth… I have a teeth fetish and i find that extra adorable * w *)

I know LDR is a very hard relationship to keep, but for everyone out there who are in the same situation as us, we understand the struggles you are going through. We are going to hit our 18th months together next week, but we still hadn’t had the chance to meet each other, since my mum opposes this relationship as much as possible ): but hey, distance doesn’t matter when two hearts are close <3

That is why we created a blog to help anyone out there who seeks for advice or just want to talk about things, you know, to feel less stressful about being in a LDR :)

I love her so much, we both get crazy together, those kind of crazy that other people wouldn’t understand even if they try to haha I believe, one day, we will be able to beat the distance and at that time, we will be able to say that we achieved something not many could. 

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Anonymous: Can you make your last ask rebloggable? The one about her trying to lose weight?

Yes we can :) it will be posted tomorrow with all our other asks! Thank you for asking and we’re glad you liked it! Because it’s the truth! No one should feel like they have to change for someone else to love them, that’s not what love is about :) especially in a ldr her boyfriend loves her for who she is! He’s willing to go the distance for her, that means he loves her exactly the way she is :)

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Anonymous: Hiya! I've known my boyfriend for a month and a week now and we've texted everyday and have been going out for 2 wks. This sounds completely ridiculous but I love him 100%. He's the one person who makes me smile and makes me feel safe. He lives 5 hours away and it kills us we aren't with each other. Every other LDR I've had seems to fail, so any advice?


It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all! You can’t let your past experiences ruin this relationship! Distance doesn’t ruin a relationship, doubts do. Work through it, and talk about anything you’re feeling. That way, there’s no way nothing will get in between you guys! Skype as much as possible! Most importantly just stay strong, and you’ll get through anything together! :) Hope this helped!

In a LDR? Click HERE for relatable posts and advice! :)
Devin and Julie

I want to tell you guys my story so far.

I have lived in Missouri my whole life, and knew everyone in the small town where I lived. New people were always easy to notice. During high school orientation, I saw the cutest new guy. He was in my friends advisory group, and they told me he was from Florida. I wanted to know him so bad. His name is Devin.

We got to know each other, and we started dating in October. We spent all the time together, we were best friends. I loved him so much! I thought we would be together forever.

During sophomore year, Devin found out he would be moving to Okinawa, Japan (his step-dad is in the Marines) to finish high school. We were both devastated. We really wanted to stay together. We both developed anxiety disorders. I would have to leave class almost every day because I had anxiety attacks. It was so stressful.

When he was in Japan, he could only call me while I was getting ready for school and he was getting ready for bed. We rarely got to talk. I thought about him all the time but I was so upset. Neither of us were happy with the situation. So we ended it, and we drifted apart. It seemed best to just move on.

We barely kept in touch for the next four years. I remember hearing that he moved back to Florida. Sometimes we would text and catch up a bit, or he would tell me he was visiting Missouri, but nothing ever happened, UNTIL THIS SUMMER.

My wonderful cousin Alexis decided to get married Labor Day Weekend in Destin, Florida (three hours from where Devin lives). I texted Devin and told him I would be in Florida for a family wedding, and that we should try to meet up.

Four years without seeing him, and we met up on the beach. I was so nervous to see him and that the weekend would be awkward or messy or just a dumb idea.

As soon as we sat down on the beach, we started catching up, and it felt so normal. It felt like talking to my best friend. We spent all day together, we went jet-skiing in the ocean the next day… He came to my cousins wedding reception, and to the beach the next day with my family, and became friends with my cousins, and it was just the most amazing weekend. We had been hesitant the whole time, not wanting feelings to come back… But they did. We held hands on the beach and he kissed me goodbye and told me he always loved me.

Now I’m back home, and we talk every day. We have skype dates and I love them. He’s planning to come here in October, to visit and celebrate his 21st birthday. It’s all been so unexpected, and now I’m finding myself back in this long distance relationship, and I couldn’t be more excited.

As much as it sucks that he isn’t here with me, I’m so happy to have him back in my life. It’s an amazing feeling.

Thank you so much for sharing this :)


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Such a cute story! It just shows, that true love can make it through anything! Thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous: Heey! :) my boyfriend and I have been doing long distance for a month now, and for the last week and a bit, we haven't spoken much at all. As in just a few texts a day, or sometimes none. But, I know he'd let our relationship crumble to the ground before breaking up with me, lol. I guess just a few words of encouragement and advice for getting in skype dates & such would help, thanks :)

Hi! :)

That doesn’t necesarily mean he’s letting the relationship crumble! It could be that you guys are both busy! You’ll find that sometimes in a LDR, things slow down a bit and you don’t always talk 24/7. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it happens. You’ll be fine! Tell him you miss him and want to talk to him! :) If you need some things to talk about here’s a couple links for you!

We hope these help! Good luck sweetie! 

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